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THE MERCENARY The contradictory and complex personality of the protagonist turns him
  simultaneously into a "hero" and an "antihero", who are constantly struggling
  with each other. The mercenary loves them both, keeps in the heart that child
  who received beatings and hatred of his family, as well as the defender of this
  child who is ruthless with his enemies. The mercenary is one of the best
  representatives of the "hero" of modern European literature. He is the result
  of our times. His slogan: one bullet - one death. The main character has no
  name, and this is done on purpose, shows the renunciation that he feels towards
  himself, his inner conflict with himself. He tries to be unnoticed by society,
  calls himself by profession, and not by name. The absence of a name indicates
  that he does not interact with society, he does not accept this society, nor its
  norms and rules, where we all bear a name and a surname. Our main character
  does not want to remember his name, he wants to forget his "myself", although
  he can’t forget his childhood. He tries to kill all the feelings inside him, living in
  constant conflict with himself: between what that naive and innocent boy wants
  to do and what the society forces him to do. This is a very difficult conflict, which
  does not allow him to rest for a minute, and our hero finds no peace. His BDSM
  habits add sex intensity, he identifies himself with BDSM, it is obscure to society
  as well as the mercenary himself. Our protagonist is irresistible for women
  because of his image of the "bad guy". The past always comes back and strikes
  us with all the force in the solar plexus. Only the strongest can survive. And by
  now, our hero is alive.
GRISHA He is ex-soldier, he doesn’t need much to live. He is a patriot, he will die for
  his country, his Russian Homeland is above his wife. He likes open air and
  the missions, he is not an office man. He is relentless with whoever tries to
  harm his family or his beloved Russia.
PHILIPPE In his youth, he got into many problems, a restless, unruly child, being an
  orphan, looking for a father figure. When he met the mercenary, another
  outcast of society, they became good friends, they told their stories to one
  another and explained why they were in the French Legion. They always
  were volunteers for the missions, Philippe never left him in the lurch.
  They were always together when they could.
ALIKA A woman of soft beauty, her features are warm, eyes with calm and piercing
  gaze, full lips. With the dignity of who knows she is admired, by her spirit and
  humanity. Many men tried to invite her out, but her manners and her way to
  refuse them, made a NO sound like “an evening song of a bird, after a beautiful
  dream”. She does not care what they say about her, as Alika always says "On the
  street, people can criticize you as much as they want. But meantime I drink
  Champagne, not a sparkling wine”.
OXANNA Oxanna is a woman, who although she seems not very strong since her
  complexion is normal, she has brute strength. She is a redhead, dark blue
  eyes, small nose, thin eyebrows, long and red, small fleshy lips, her intense
  gaze always concentrated. Her family means everything to her.
JACQUES He is the youngest of the characters, his life was also very hard, the unstructured
  family, the parents lost the parental authority, he spent his youth in the street
  gangs, who took advantage of him. He went from one orphanage to another.
  Everything changes when a policeman picks him up and gives him a choice
  either jail or Legion. When he gets to know the mercenary, when he enters
  his life, that’s like a heaven for Jacques.
ROBERTS He is a man who loves his country, who will do anything to save it. it. He is a
  man who believes in the US Bill of Rights. He does not agree on how they have
  turned their country into a kind of multinational, where the benefits prevail
  over the people. He has learned to leave problems behind, he knows very well
  what to expect. He is clever, knows well the intricacies of the human being,
  good researcher, doesn’t take anything for granted.