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Antonio Estaràs is the author of the saga his actions, the main character suddenly gives
“The Mercenary” composed of four books. us an explanation of his actions and changes
The original language is Spanish, the first our opinion about what happened.
book of the saga is translated into Russian.  
Don Antonio is a tireless dreamer and a sea The author transmits to the reader the pain
lover. In his saga the author finally decides experienced by the characters, their love,
to state the violence he experienced in his their joy, leads us through a huge spectrum
childhood, beatings, humiliation, insults, of feelings, forces us to take part in the lives
injustice on behalf of the people closest to of our heroes and does not leave us indifferent:
him. father who beats his own son, the courage of
  a child who doesn’t fold before his father -
The whole saga is fiction, but there is also a sadist, and withstands his attacks, the
some truth in it. Starting from the first humiliation of the emigrant on his most
pages the author asks us "is a man born a difficult path by sean and by land, the death
mercenary or becomes it?" This question of a beloved friend, that leaves a void in the
is difficult to answer. heart and a feeling of terrible loneliness,
  economic assistance to the widow and her
The author tells us an exciting story. The life daughter, saving them from ruin, ruthless
of the protagonist is neither simple nor easy. revenge for betrayal and death of friends,
We constantly pay attention to his complex the selfless love of a woman, the rescue of an
personality. When we begin to hate him for orphan at the hands of the mafia and much more.